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Angels’ Cove is Residential & In-Home Maternity Care for Young Women Facing Unplanned Pregnancies


At Angels’ Cove in Mt. Vernon, pregnancy care is offered as a positive alternative to abortion. A comfortable, home-like setting provides a soothing sense of family and a calming, peaceful environment to our resident mothers-to-be and their children. Assistance is provided in the positive choices of parenting and adoption with neither option stressed more than the other.

In-home counseling is available for women living in their own homes or with family who are considering the option of adoption. They may receive services in their own homes or at the agency office. Those planning adoption are assisted in thorough consideration of this decision, choosing a family, determining the degree of openness, and processing the loss associated with losing a child. Family counseling may also be provided to assist parents in dealing with the loss of their biological grandchild.

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