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Boot Camp Discipleship (BCD)


Vision: An intense & intentional 10 week focus on the spiritual disciplines together with a cohort of other Christian men requiring a high level of commitment and accountability.

 What are the spiritual disciplines? The Wheel (Navigators’ Discipleship Tool)

 What to expect? When a young man enters basic training/boot camp, he is introduced in a very short time to a multitude of basic skills which he will need to be an effective soldier. The purpose is not for the recruit to master the skills, but to be introduced to, and have a working knowledge of those skills in which he will grow as he practices them as a new soldier when he reaches his regular duty station. So that’s our goal with BCD – to take a few weeks to focus together on some of the basic, fundamental skills (spiritual disciplines) which we hope will lead us to work on developing and putting into practice more regularly once these 10 weeks are over.

1) Weekly Meetings: You will be expected to meet each week with the BCD cohort. If you are unable to meet on a particular week, you will be expected to meet one-on-one with another member of the cohort during that week. A portion of the time will be spent discussing your past week’s practice of the spiritual disciplines as well as accountability for spiritual, physical, & emotional health.

2) Practice of the spiritual disciplines together: The cohort will be given weekly assignments related to the spiritual disciplines. In addition, the instructor will lead scheduled, hands-on field training exercises (FTX) outside the classroom, putting into practice the skills being learned.

3) Assigned reading & sermons to watch or listen to.


Fall 2022 Boot Camp: September 13 - November 15

Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30pm

Enlist by calling the church office at (618) 263-6563, or sign up in the church foyer.

For more information, contact Pastor Steve Freels. stevefreels@gmail.com

Below is the tenative Fall 2022:


Week 1 (September 13): Shock Treatment; The Wheel

Week 2 (September 20): Prayer & Fasting

Week 3 (September 27): Bible Reading (Journaling); Praying the Bible

Week 4 (October 4):     Bible Memory

Week 5 (October 11): Witnessing/Evangelism

Week 6 (October 18): Witnessing/Evangelism – Part 2

Week 7 (October 25): Biblical Peacemaking

Week 8 (November 1): Missions: Developing a Heart for the Nations

Week 9 (November 8): Discipling; Special Topic (To be determined)

Week 10 (November 15): Commissioning Night; STEAK - Final Exam