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Men's O-Ring Ministry


What’s in a Name ? While the O-Ring name may sound a little unconventional for a men’s ministry, it actually has a great deal of symbolism and meaning for us. An O-Ring is the most widely adapted seal in history because of its simplicity, low cost, ease of installation, small space requirements, and its ability to assume function based on its supporting structures. Successful use depends upon proper groove dimensions and selection of the right mix of supporting materials.
For us, each and every man within our group symbolizes the “seal” , or protector if you will, for their family. We also recognize that just as a perfectly functioning O-Ring needs the right supporting materials, we as Christian men need a support system as we grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ. Finally, an O-Ring is a circle without beginning or end and is an excellent reminder of the love of our heavenly Father.

The O-Ring Bible Study will be held each Wednesday night at 7:30 in the Activity Center. Beginning Sep. 5 we will be going through Christianity Explored - a 7-week overview of the Gospel of Mark.

More Than a Bible Study…
Teaching Meaningful and pertinent small group meetings are at the core of spiritual growth.
Evangelism An emphasis is placed upon “The Great Commission”. This ministry seeks to provide opportunities to share the gospel and to share our own testimonies.
Entertainment Group activities are an integral part of fun and fellowship. The goal is to foster close relationships between men nurturing an unbreakable trust and respect between each other as Brothers in Christ.
Mentoring Emphasis should be placed on regular contact between group members to better know, encourage and pray for each other.