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Bosnia Mission Trip

June 12-25, 2024

Bosnia Map FBC has helped lead Practically Speaking English in Sarajevo since 2016. Those who register to attend the school range in age from their teens to their seventies.  PSE typically require less teaching and more facilitating of fun, interactive lessons which allow students to practice their English skills.  In addition to leading PSE, we will also be a leading a children’s  "Cowboy" themed day-camp in the mornings.

1) Dates: Wednesday, June 12 – Tuesday, June 25.   These dates include travel and are tentative depending on what city in the U.S. we depart from. NOTE: The travel dates June 12-25 are for those traveling with our group. If you are comfortable with international travel, arrangements could be made which would lessen the time you would be gone. For example, could plan to leave on Friday, June 14 and return on Sunday, June 23.

2) Cost:  Airfare (approximate $1800) plus $700 for lodging & meals.  

3) Financial Assistance (FBC Members):  Due to designated funds, the total cost for FBC members will be lower based on the number of FBC members who will be going. If we do a fundraiser meal through the church, then you will be expected to help. We will keep you updated as to the amount of funds being given by the church. You may also choose to send out a missions-support letter to family and friends who may want to donate toward your trip costs (please let your donors know that FBC is not set up to do tax-deductible donations that are designated for individuals).                            

4) Passport Book: You will also need a passport book (not a passport card) if you do not have one. Cost is $165 ($135 for under age 16). Be sure and obtain a long-form certified birth certificate. Passports take about 6 weeks to receive and can be expedited for an additional fee. You must apply for your passport in person at an approved facility. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/need-passport/apply-in-person.html There are no required immunizations to travel to Bosnia. (See #10 below “Covid”)

5) Lodging: We will be staying at the dorms provided at the Baptist church hosting the English schoo and children's campl. These are rooms with bunk-beds. Linens and towels are provided. Hot showers are on the main floor in the hallway of the dorms. A shared laundry facility is also available. The building is kept secured and locked. You will be given a key to the dorm room. A small refrigerator is available in the women’s dorm. Men have to use the kitchen refrigerator (limited space).

6) Food: Some meals will be eaten together at the Baptist church and others will be eaten as a group at a restaurant in the city. There will be opportunity, if you wish, to walk to nearby convenience stores, bakeries, and coffee shops early in the morning or during the afternoon breaks.

7) Schedule:

Wed., June 12: Depart

Thurs. June 13: Arrive in Sarajevo, see city, begin adjusting to 7-hour time difference

Frid., June 14 See the city & prayer Walk/distribute info. about PSE & children’s camp

Sat., June 15: Registration Day – 10am-6pm

Sun., June 16: Worship at the Baptist Church; Prep. for PSE & children’s camp.

Mon., June 17-Sat., June 22: Children’s Camp & PSE classes begin

             Children’s Camp (9:30-11:30am) 

             English Classes  (6:30-8:30pm)

  For the English classes, each session begins and ends with an assembly time followed by dismissal to their classes where their teachers (you) will begin leading them through the various PSE activities. There are Beginner, Primary, Intermediate, and Advanced classes. Students are placed in those classes based on brief evaluations of their English skills conducted during the Saturday registration. You will be assigned to one of the classes throughout the week for each session. Depending on the size and make-up of our team, you will most likely be team-teaching.

Sat., June 22: Last day of classes. Graduation ceremony 

Sun., June 23: Worship at the Baptist church. 

Mon., June 24: Sightseeing; opportunities to spend additional time with PSE students.

Tues., June 25: Return to U.S.

NOTE: The schedule largely depends upon the number of students who register for PSE. Be flexible. For example, one year we had the afternoons free to make appointments to meet with students from the English School. Another year we spent afternoons leading PSE for refugees from Syria and Iraq in another location in Sarajevo. 

7) Training: Prior to our departure date in June, will meet at least twice to plan for the children’s camp and to cover registration set-up for the school, discuss facilitating the English-speaking classes, and to answer any questions you may have. For those unable to meet in person, we can do the training via Zoom.

9) Internet/Phone Calls: There is free Wifi available in the church building. Sketchy at times. A sim card can be purchased in Sarajevo for $25 which will give you good internet access for the time you are there. You can al purchase an overseas plan through your cell phone carrier to make calls. You could also use WhatsApp or Viber to make calls or send text messages providing the person you are calling has the same app.

10) Vaccines: At this time, there are no vaccines or special immuinizations required.

11) Deportment: As ambassadors of Christ, we will seek to especially live above reproach. Team members will agree to abstain, during this trip, from the use, or purchase, of tobacco & alcoholic beverages.

12) Affirmation of Faith: Participants must be baptized believers who are part of a like-minded church. In addition, each team member should be able to affirm our statement of faith – the Baptist Faith & Message 2000 - https://bfm.sbc.net/

For more information, contact Stephen Freels at (618) 263-7311; stevefreels@gmail.com